We help your development team to not read code. Yes, to not read code. And we help you tell exciting stories with and about your systems. And we reinvent the integrated development environment.


We offer courses based on the research, tools and methods that we have developed ourselves.

Steering agile architecture

Emerge your architecture. That’s great, but how do you ensure the cohesiveness of the result?

1-2 days for engineers and managers.

Data science for software development

Half of the development time is spent on assessing the system. How do you invest this time effectively?

1-5 days for engineers.

Storytelling in a technical world

Our technical world is governed by facts. Too often, this makes us forget that our job is to produce value.

1 day for engineers and managers.

Consulting & Coaching

We help with both daily and unusual problems. We coach teams to practice novel approaches to software engineering.

Steering agile architecture

Architecture does not just happen. Architecture is a highly valuable asset that requires permanent investment. That is why it must be allocated explicit attention during development.

Splitting monolithic applications

A monolith grows over time until it reaches a point in which it does not scale anymore. That’s when you need to split it. Yet, doing so is hard. You need specific discipline and skills.

Redocumenting architecture

Ambitious projects tend to diverge from the originally envisaged structure. As a result, the real architecture erodes, and changing the system becomes more and more expensive.

Research & Development

We actively develop open-source software projects and software engineering methods.

Moose is a platform for software and data analysis. It helps programmers craft custom analyses cheaply.

Pharo is a pure and live object-oriented language and environment, in the tradition of Smalltalk.

The Glamorous Toolkit is a project for reinventing the IDE around the concept of moldability.

Humane assessment is the method for making software engineering decisions. It can be used for steering agile architecture, for guiding migrations, or for splitting monolithic applications.

Demo-driven is a method that helps you embed innovation through stories in software development projects. It helps guiding design decisions and eases the maintanenace of a common vision.


We work with you. Not just for you.

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Tool crafter

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Tudor Girba

Software environmentalist

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UI magician